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Doorbell Project

My first IoT project!, April 7, 2021

I connected a raspberry pi and arduino to a doorbell and whenever someone presses the doorbell, I can get an email!

I'm more of an electrical engineer and not really good at this git or programming or web development stuff though. If anyone has ideas to improve the code, pleace let me know! And of course, feel free to try it yourself!

If you would like to contact me:

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Trying a cool theme April 7, 2021

Wow this HTML stuff is so cool look at this theme! I'm too lazy to edit the rest so theres a bunch of random Lorem Ipsums and unlickable links oh well

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Project 2

Woohoo! My toaster tweets!!! April 13, 2021

Yea do you have a tweeting toaster? didn't think so! You want to see it? Well too bad my twitter is a secret shhhhh

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Hi guys! My name is Azeem and I am working on a new IoT project! Check out my work here in this repository!

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